Thursday, 26 September 2013

Little thoughts, big plans

Starting university this week has really made me think about my future and what is in store for me. I have never set goals or New Year's resolutions but the last couple of days have really motivated me to grasp every opportunity that is given to me. Here are my main goals that I would love to achieve in the near future!

1. Find a part time job

My first goal to be achieved soon is to get a part time job - some people may be thinking "why is that the top of her list?" Well basically a lot of things can not happen without having money so if I get a job I will be able to fulfil more of my aims. I have literally applied to about 20 jobs and only a handful have actually replied to say that I wasn't successful and the others have just left me hanging. I would love a job in retail but it is easier said than done. My grades and skills etc are up to scratch so I think it is the fact that I have no experience which puts people off - it is actually so irritating!
Look out for some of my posts about fashion on a student fund *COMING SOON*

2. Successful blog

I have dipped my hand into blogging previously but nothing ever seemed to be very successful but The Fashionlopedia is actually bringing in a lot of traffic which I couldn't be more thankful about, like you don't understand how chuffed I am when I read someone's comment or when I have gained a lot of pageviews. I know it sounds silly but it is actually so encouraging, you forget how a little comment could actually be so valuable to someone's confidence.

3. Learn how to drive

I am nearly 18 and a half and I still have not achieved the milestone of being able to drive, I use the excuse of "oh my boyfriend can drive" or "why should I drive when I have friends who offer to drive me about?" But now that I'm in university I want more independence and I feel that learning to drive will be beneficial for everything!

4. Learn another language

At university there is a Degree Plus programme in which you can do a ten week course on basically any language that you want to, I really want to get involved and learn either Mandarin or Russian which may sound weird but in today's society it is the Chinese and Russian that control a large majority of the business and enterprising world therefore I feel that it would be really beneficial to learn either of these languages. It also enhances your CV and makes your degree more worthwhile at university!

5. Travel

Next year I want my summer to be jam packed full of travelling and going to all different places, I know I am already definitely going to Spain but I really want to go to France again and also Portugal. I also want to go on a weekend trip to London. Travelling is so much fun for me as I love to experience different cultures and it is a great opportunity to get some good photos! I would really enjoy like a trip around Europe in a VW van. Please comment any places that you would love to visit in Summer 2014. I also want to visit my best friend in Edinburgh too!
6. Bake

So I baked a cake with my boyfriend last Sunday which was great craic but now I really want to continue baking! Then my sister brought home an unbelievable lemon flan which was delviiosu and so easy to make. The satisfaction of creating something tasty out of bare ingredients is great. Check out my Instagram to see my cake and my sister's flan! Plus The Great British Bake Off has in a way inspired me too.

7. Take more photos & write a diary

Smetimes I feel that life passes so quickly for example this Summer has flown by so taking photos and writing a diray each day would really help me to be able to remember everything that happens even the smallest simple memory. I believe photos are so powerful too and they don't have an expiry date so when I'm old and grey I will be able to look back at my youth with delight as I have captured perfect memories.

8. Plan my career

I chose to do a degree in English as I felt that when I have completed it I would have a large variety of career choices which is great. At the moment I am leaning mostly towards either radio presenting or publishing - quite different things! So over the next while I need to start getting experience in both fields of these work to be able to decide which will be the best for me!

9. Get fit

I am not a sporty person at all, I love supporting my sisters but getting actually involved for me is not my thaaaang but I notice myself slight weight being put on especially over the summer and even I'm out of breath after ballet. Although I do ballet every week I want to start a new sport and go running, any suggestions of good sports? I was thinking maybe badminton? Who knows!
10. Enjoy life!

How cliché but really it is true. We need to enjoy life and live it to the full. We hear about deaths of young teenagers or people my own age and it really shakes me up and reminds me how little time we have and we never know when our life could end. How sombre. I need to learn to be a YES girl and say "yes" to all opportunies (obviously not irresponsible things though) and we need to make things happen for ourselves. FULFIL YOUR POTENTIAL.
RR xx


  1. thanks for the comments. I hope that everything you wish for, you make it real.;)
    kisses from Panama.

  2. Can really relate to the travel, job & blog wishes!

    B xx

  3. NIce! These are basically my goals too! Thought I can understand half of the Chinese I hear

    Stephanie Dong Fashion +