Friday, 13 September 2013

Prize Night 2013

One of the highlights during my school life in Glenlola was the Prize Night every September where the girls would be recognised for their great sporting and academic achievements. I have been going for three years due to my results and getting top for three years in Religious Studies. But this was a special night as it was my last ever prize night. Previous years I just had to go in my school uniform but as I am a "school leaver" I had to choose something to wear; something dressy but not inappropriate basically! I had already bought my outfit before receiving an official invitation but I was glad I bought the dress when I had seen it!

My dress was from Zara, I have been really impressed with the Zara range at the moment and this dress was fantastic! The material is quite thick which is perfect for autumn as although the pattern is pink and red floral there is some black through it allowing the dress to be worn with black tights in the autumn! I got the Mary Jane shoes from Topshop, I wore them for the first time at Prize Night and I got really bad blisters and cuts so I would advise to break them in and soften them first for example wearing socks and walking about the house. But I enjoy the fact that they will be perfect for most occasions!

I absolutely adore my Tiffany & Co bracelet that I got from my auntie for my 18th and I equally love my Pandora birthstone ring also from auntie for my results! For my nails I used the bright pink Gelly Barry M nail varnish and it worked like a treat as per use!

My sister was receiving athletics honours for coming 2nd in Ireland in 4x100m relay back in June and she got the top mark in Year 11 Physical Education. 
I think my outfit was perfect, some people wore heels but I was terrified of falling flat on my face onstage. It was such a lovely evening especially seeing all my past teachers but as they wished me well in the future it really hit me that it was probably the last time I would be in Glenlola but now I am ready for what university has in store for me and I am excited for what will happen in the future! Are any of you at university and have any helpful hints or tips? Let me know!
RR xx