Sunday, 1 September 2013

"To love another person is to see the face of God"

You will either understand the title straightaway or will be slightly confused, which is what I would be if I had read the post title a couple of days ago. Last night I went to The MAC in Belfast to see Les Miserables with my mum, auntie and family friend. We had booked the tickets in May but in all honesty I completely forgot that I was even going until the day before when my mother helpfully reminded me. We really got a lot of things packed into one night including; going out for dinner, the play then I went to an 18th birthday party - it is all fun and games!

I went for quite a casual look as I hadn't been to a play at a theatre like this before but I think I hit the mark perfectly with my choice. I absolutely love the parka that I am wearing as not only is it sensible and perfect for Autumn weather but I got it in the NEXT sale for £20 down from £45 - bargain! It will be so practical for when I start university next month. I also am so pleased to have received a Longchamp bag from my parents for my results (the bag had been in my Lust List for quite a while!) Again not only is it a beautiful bag but it was also recommended by university students as being handy and useful. I especially love the fuchsia colour of it as it is pretty different to the navy, beige or grey that you would commonly see. The bag is also massive and can hold so much which is another plus, I totally recommend buying one for yourself for £68 as it is worth it and you are worth it!
theatre going

Green Parka - NEXT
Cream Lace Collared Top - Topshop
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Nude pumps - Miss Selfridge
Fuschia Large Bag - Longchamp
For our dinner we went to Salt Bistro which is situated in Saint Anne's Square in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast. My mum and her friends always go to restaurants in this area but this was the first time I had ever seen the place and it really was lovely and I can't wait to go back! It totally did not feel like I was still in the centre of Belfast as it was relaxed and very London-like. In the restaurant we got the Pre-Theatre menu which was 2 courses for £12.95 or 3 course for £15.95. I ordered the free range Chicken Caesar salad with olives and parmesan cheese and for dessert I got the chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream. My mum and auntie ordered salmon and noodles which also looked tempting. The food was pure divine and the actual bistro was so quaint and lovely with little vintage hearts and signs around the place and also the plates that they served the food on were old fashioned and vintage which was adorable too!


We were sitting by the window in the restaurant and we got to sit and people watch, taking in all that was happening and even seeing various members of the Les Mis cast walking by taking a break. The food was good value and the atmosphere in the restaurant was unbeatable with many others there were looking forward to going to see the play in the MAC which is literally next door to Salt. We then wandered around Saint Anne's Square and there are so many restaurants that look lovely and everyone was basically just chilling and waiting for the play.

The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) is a creative arts venue which consists of a theatre, rehearsal rooms, art galleries, classrooms, dance studio and a café and bar. I had never been before so there was a lot to take in at first. Everyone in the foyer was buzzing with anticipation of seeing the play.

So we knew previously that we were sitting in the front row but you can imagine the shock that we had when we were literally touching the stage. It really was amusing but hard when there was someone singing right at you in your face. The play was performed by Belfast School of Performing Arts for 6-18 year olds and really was outstanding with the standard of the talent being very high. I had read that people left absolutely gobsmacked at how young the people were yet the voices that left them were powerful and that is exactly how I felt! I had never seen or read Les Mis before so I did not know what to expect at all but the play was beautifully crafted by James Huish and the noise was phenomenal. There were no awkward moments in the play and no real hesitations which was also an achievement in itself and if something had gone wrong - no one had noticed! I really do commend the hard work and practice that was evident throughout the show. There were even a couple of faces that I knew in the cast which was lovely to be able to see their core talent too. The whole atmosphere in the MAC was fantastic and now I am currently checking what else is on that would be fun to go and see.
The play ended at around 11pm therefore lasting 3 hours with the inclusion of an interval. I then went to a friend's house half an hour away in Newtownards for his 18th and to be honest on the way over I nearly fell asleep as I was that tired but it was worth staying up late for even though I only stayed an hour. It was very chilled and everyone was just chatting and having banter which was the perfect way to end a fantastic Saturday night/Sunday morning and my friend even made me chicken curry at midnight which was fabulous!
So to wrap it up - go to Salt and treat yourself to a tasty meal, visit the MAC and see if there are any plays that would tickle your fancy or take the lazy option and just watch Les Mis on DVD (which is what I am about to do now!)
RR xx

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