Sunday, 15 September 2013

Post-Weekend Blues

I have had a fab weekend and now I'm depressed that it is over so here is a post summing it all up along with what my sister wore out.

So my sister was going out to a 16th birthday party last night and she had left out her outfit that she was going to wear and it was unbelievable! So I thought, being the nice sister I am, that I would include it in my blog as it was pretty funkaaay. While she was getting ready I was up in Belfast and realised that I wouldn't be able to take photos of her before she left but I thought to myself "she has an incredible camera surely she will take it to the party and there will be photos of her in her outfit" but nooooo she did not take one photo of herself when she was out therefore I didn't even get to see her outfit on her. So I apologise for only being able to post the photos of the clothes that I took when she was planning the outfit during the afternoon!
These peep toe wedges are from New Look and were literally like £5 and I have only ever worn them once but I love the blue heel as it brightens up the outfit especially if it is an all black outfit which mine had been.
I took this photo in the afternoon when her toe nails were bright pink (Barry M Gelly) but she then changed them to cobalt blue (Barry M Gelly).
I am obsessed with Barry M nail varnishes, she used the blue as the main colour of her nails then decorated one nail on each hand with glitter. I find it pretty tricky to remove the glitter to be honest, does anyone have any tips to get it off easily without using half a bottle of nail varnish remover?

She wore pretty simple jewellery as the dress pattern is pretty fussy and so bright. She wore her silver star necklace that she had gotten from her boyfriend and her birthstone Pandora ring which was perfect with her dress as it is Peridot which was similar to the green.
Her skater dress is from Topshop and was initially bought for her 16th birthday a couple of weeks ago. It is a wild print but she is pretty hip so suited her perfectly! It was also the perfect dress for this birthday as they went out for dinner to Papa Joe's then back to her friend's house.
Her purple leather jacket is from Miss Selfridge and matched the dress down to a tee.
I also had a fabulous weekend. I watched Skyfall at my boyfriend's house for the first time ever on Friday night - it is incredible! I have been seriously missing out. I then supported my sisters play hockey and my youngest sister became captain of her team so it was a proud day to say the least. I'm not even joking I almost was crying on the side lines when I saw her wear the captain's band around her leg. I then went up to Belfast and went to Maggie May's which had phenomenal shakes, you could get any flavour under the sun there like bubblegum millions, Crunchie, apple pie... the list goes on! I highly recommend it as it was so cheap too and I can tell I will be living there during student life. We then went to the Ulster Museum to see an exhibition called "Reflections" which basically reflected on the changing fashion from 1730-2013 and it included pieces from Alexander McQueen, Amanda Wakeley, Victoria Beckham and Moschino.
Oreo and Mars Bar shake!

 My playsuit and gladiator sandals are from River Island!
We then headed into Botanic Gardens for a walk and it turned out to be the Autumn Fair so we got to look around at all the food and activities  there was even a walking tree and a talking gnome which my mother thought was the most comical thing she had ever seen in her life. And then I went to a casual gathering at my friend's house so all in all it was a good weekend, only one more weekend til uni begins ahh!
RR xx

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! And those shakes look to die for!