Sunday, 17 November 2013

All I want for Christmas..

I hear those sleigh bells ringing... So Christmas 2013 is fast approaching. And you will soon realise that I am a tad obsessed with Christmas - you could even call me fanatic. The tree, the lights, the food, the smell of orange and cinnamon mixed together... Ahhh what more could you possibly want?! I have put together some items that I am hoping Santa will pop down my chimney this Christmas!
I have had my eye on these boots for a long time now - they are just pretty pricy! But the colour of them is gorgeous and the gold lining and buckle is mesmerising! Maybe I will just have to keep lusting after them...
 I really need a good staple black clutch and this River Island one fits the bill. I love the snake skin pattern on it and the gold chain is also handy for just putting over your shoulder. It is a reasonable price for a necessity of your wardrobe.

I really need a perfect everyday watch for work and university. This is one of my favourite Fossil watches as its simplicity is flawless, I also really like the ones with the diamonds so I am torn on which way to go. This one is a complete bargain especially when I have also had my eye on Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors watches!

I have never owned a charm bracelet which I actually like and are willing to buy charms to put on it but I seriously love this Thomas Sabo bracelet and I really like the fact that only one charm is needed to make the bracelet look pretty and full. I am a complete sucker for pearls and I would be a happy bunny if I found this bracelet in my stocking!!

I have used my friend's Naked palette and it is so useful with most of the necessary colours included in it and now there are rumours of a Naked 3 palette coming out! I would appreciate any Urban Decay palette to be honest!

Cath Kidston + new notebooks = my type of present.

This may be a weird one but I really have been craving after a jumper with the letter R on it. It is bizarre but hey ho.

This is my Santa list so far and I hopefully I have been a good girl to get some of these things! What do you want this year for Christmas?

RR xx

(PS any family members, friends of boyfriend - take note)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Golden leaves

This weekend was my boyfriend's birthday and if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some of the celebration pictures! On Friday which was his actual birthday we went to Gringos, an amazing Mexican restaurant. I got nachos to start then a burrito and for dessert we shared churros with chocolate, ice cream and butterscotch sauce - it was perfect. I have included some photos of the Saturday night party at his house then we went out!



My dress is from Glamorous which is a brand which can be found on ASOS. I was wearing my Miss Selfridge plain black heels & the golden leaves earrings and necklace are from River Island. (The dress was slightly on the short side but shhh! )
Sorry about the lack of posting but I promise to make it up to you! Have you got anything fun planned for this weekend?
Have a good day!
RR xx

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Instagram Catch Up

I love Instagram, and I regularly update it. I'm one of those people who takes photos of their drinks, new purchases and any food that looks good. So I'm going to talk through my past two weeks on Instagram. If you don't follow me please do - rebeccamrobinson is my username and comment on one of my photos that you follow my blog and I shall immediately return the favour of following. Enjoy!

So this was my dessert last Thursday in French Village along Botanic Avenue. It is such a cute little restaurant/café and does a fantastic raspberry & white chocolate cheesecake. I have literally been there five times already since starting university.
I put together a couple of selfies from a couple of weekend's ago with my friends. Sorry about the dark shadow being cast over us.
I was waiting for my friend in Belfast outside the Starbucks beside the BMC and thought this was a really pretty photo. All around the university is so pretty in Autumn. I then proceeded to have my first ever PSL - it was fantastic!
This was a cheeky screenshot of my FaceTime with my best friend who is home from university in 11 days!!
I was given very little notice to do a lot of reading for a class I had the next day so at around 11pm I began reading about child language which was actually quite interesting but not so much at that time in the night. Isn't my mug cute? I got it from my friend in a secret Santa last year.
So my dad was in Nice airport and his work mates stuck a poster on him saying "Any change please?" whilst he was sleeping and apparently everyone was laughing at him. His friends then printed it out onto an A3 sheet as a reminder. Bless him.
I loaded this throwback with my best friends from May at our Leaver's Dinner.
Cheeky wee selfie with my sister before we went to Little Wing for dinner.

As it is half term, my sisters were off but I wasn't boohoo. I was delighted to come home to a fresh batch of raspberry and white chocolate muffins on Monday.
Keeping with the food theme, my boyfriend's family are away so we cooked dinner for ourselves and made enchiladas.

My sister dressed up as a princess (in my dress) to go to a Bright and Light Party in church. Isn't she a cutie.
My dog also wanted to get involved in the Halloween vibes so we put him in a princess costume too, I think he really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we didn't buy it but instead bought him a fantastic little jacket which I am sure will feature in upcoming posts!

This morning I went shopping and it was very successful. My favourite purchase was a coat from Zara which I am sure will also appear soon on here. I also bought all of Andrew's birthday presents too!
During some hardcore shopping we stopped off at Caffe Nero in House of Fraser and I got a white chocolate mocha which was A-MAZING!
Please let me know your Instagram usernames and I will try and follow you all but please follow me too and let me know so I can follow you back!
Much love,
RR xx