Sunday, 17 November 2013

All I want for Christmas..

I hear those sleigh bells ringing... So Christmas 2013 is fast approaching. And you will soon realise that I am a tad obsessed with Christmas - you could even call me fanatic. The tree, the lights, the food, the smell of orange and cinnamon mixed together... Ahhh what more could you possibly want?! I have put together some items that I am hoping Santa will pop down my chimney this Christmas!
I have had my eye on these boots for a long time now - they are just pretty pricy! But the colour of them is gorgeous and the gold lining and buckle is mesmerising! Maybe I will just have to keep lusting after them...
 I really need a good staple black clutch and this River Island one fits the bill. I love the snake skin pattern on it and the gold chain is also handy for just putting over your shoulder. It is a reasonable price for a necessity of your wardrobe.

I really need a perfect everyday watch for work and university. This is one of my favourite Fossil watches as its simplicity is flawless, I also really like the ones with the diamonds so I am torn on which way to go. This one is a complete bargain especially when I have also had my eye on Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors watches!

I have never owned a charm bracelet which I actually like and are willing to buy charms to put on it but I seriously love this Thomas Sabo bracelet and I really like the fact that only one charm is needed to make the bracelet look pretty and full. I am a complete sucker for pearls and I would be a happy bunny if I found this bracelet in my stocking!!

I have used my friend's Naked palette and it is so useful with most of the necessary colours included in it and now there are rumours of a Naked 3 palette coming out! I would appreciate any Urban Decay palette to be honest!

Cath Kidston + new notebooks = my type of present.

This may be a weird one but I really have been craving after a jumper with the letter R on it. It is bizarre but hey ho.

This is my Santa list so far and I hopefully I have been a good girl to get some of these things! What do you want this year for Christmas?

RR xx

(PS any family members, friends of boyfriend - take note)

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  1. I really like the staple black clutch and the fossil watch :) I hope you get the things on your christmas wish list !